2017 - 18 IEEE Projects

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Embedded Projects

SI NO Project Title Code Amount Details
1 Energy Efficient Location and Activity-aware On-Demand Mobile Distributed Sensing Platform EMB-100 10,000/- DETAILS
2 Mine Safety System Using WSN EMB-102 10,000/- DETAILS
3 Robotic Automated External Defibrillator Ambulance for Emergency Medical Service in Smart Cities EMB-103 10,000/- DETAILS
4 Android_Rapid Entire Body Postural Analysis Assessment Device for Computer Operators EMB-104 10,000/- DETAILS
5 Design and Implementation of ATM Alarm Data Analysis System EMB-105 10,000/- DETAILS
7 Touch screen based on Nurse attendant calling system for physically impared EMB-107 10,000/- DETAILS
8 Alternate Energy from Busy Road for Development of Smart City EMB-108 10,000/- DETAILS
9 Effective Implementation of IoT for Enhancing Cargo Cantaine Security EMB-109 10,000/- DETAILS
10 Automation System of Vehicle Requisition in Public Sector EMB-110 10,000/- DETAILS
11 Evaluation of Respiratory & Non-Respiratory Movements of Infants with Care taker voice using FN-M16P module EMB-111 10,000/- DETAILS
12 Intelligent Anti-Theft Tracking and Accident Detection System for Automobiles Based on IOT EMB-112 10,000/- DETAILS
13 Raspberry pi Based Remote Virtual Lab Access and capturing physical image of laboratory EMB-113 10,000/- DETAILS
14 Residence Energy Control System Based on Wireless Smart Socket and IoT-min EMB-114 10,000/- DETAILS
15 Securing a Smart Home Network using Voice Biometric EMB-115 10,000/- DETAILS
16 IOT, GPRS & Raspberry PI Based Global Industrial Process Monitoring Through Wireless Communication EMB-116 10,000/- DETAILS
17 Extraction of Stride Events From Gait Accelerometry During Treadmill Walking-min EMB-117 10,000/- DETAILS
18 Raspberry Pi Based Deadly School Van Monitoring System with E-mail Alert EMB-118 10,000/- DETAILS
19 A Smart-Home System to Unobtrusively and Continuously Assess Loneliness in Older Adults-min EMB-119 10,000/- DETAILS
20 Signal Quality and Compactness of a Dual Accelerometer System for Gyro Free Human Motion Analysis-min EMB-120 10,000/- DETAILS
21 EAAP: Efficient Anonymous Authentication With Conditional Privacy-Preserving Scheme for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks EMB-121 10,000/- DETAILS
22 Wireless Bomb Defusing Robot with camera interfacing EMB-122 10,000/- DETAILS
23 Robotic Remote Surveillance and Control through Speech Recognition EMB-123 10,000/- DETAILS
24 Design of Nano Robotics for Defense EMB-124 10,000/- DETAILS
25 Antismuggling System for Trees in Forest using Flex Sensor EMB-125 10,000/- DETAILS
26 Multi Function Defense Robot EMB-126 10,000/- DETAILS
27 Raspberry PI - Smart Home Automation System through E-mail and Sensors EMB-127 10,000/- DETAILS
28 Underground Cable Fault Detection and Alert with Voice Commands using FN-M16P. EMB-128 10,000/- DETAILS
29 IOT - Garbage and Street Light Monitoring System Using Internet of Things EMB-129 10,000/- DETAILS
30 Pollution Monitoring & Intelligent Information Exchange System for Traffic Congestion EMB-130 10,000/- DETAILS
31 Portable Road Side Sensor Base Real Time Vehicular System EMB-131 10,000/- DETAILS
32 Remote Monitoring and Control of Boiler Feed Water in Power Generation Unit EMB-132 10,000/- DETAILS
33 An Automatic Embedded Toll Plaza with Document Verification and Speed Detection System EMB-133 10,000/- DETAILS
34 Advanced Passenger Security System for Radio Cabs with Video Transmission and Enhanced System Security with Biometric Module EMB-134 10,000/- DETAILS
35 Embedded System based Voting Machine System using Wireless Technology EMB-135 10,000/- DETAILS
36 Design and Implementation of Kitchen Monitoring System EMB-136 10,000/- DETAILS
37 A Custom Internet of Things Healthcare System-min EMB-137 10,000/- DETAILS
38 Fault Analysis and Electrical Protection of Distribution Transformer with FN-M16P MP3 Unit EMB-138 10,000/- DETAILS
39 Teach Me - Show Me - End-User Personalization of a Smart Home and Companion Robot-min EMB-139 10,000/- DETAILS
40 Vision Substitution for Blind Individuals-min EMB-140 10,000/- DETAILS
41 Raspberry Pi based Gesture based Email Access and Voice Command for Blind and Dumb EMB-141 10,000/- DETAILS
42 IOT based Novel Low-Cost Sensor for Human Bite Force Measurement EMB-142 10,000/- DETAILS
43 A Novel Security Enabled Speed Monitoring System for Two Wheelers using Wireless Technology EMB-143 10,000/- DETAILS
44 A Control System in an Intelligent Farming by using Arduino Technology EMB-144 10,000/- DETAILS
45 Underground Cable fault finding Robot Using GSM Technology and AT MEGA 16 interfacing EMB-145 10,000/- DETAILS
46 IOT-An Internet-of-Things Enabled Connected Navigation System for Urban Bus Riders EMB-146 10,000/- DETAILS
47 Privacy-Preserving Multi-keyword Top-k Similarity Search Over Encrypted Data EMB-147 10,000/- DETAILS
48 Intelligent Braking System Using Can Protocol For Vehicle Control System EMB-148 10,000/- DETAILS
49 A Secure IoT Architecture for Smart Cities EMB-149 10,000/- DETAILS
50 IOT and Sensor based Automated Irrigation System EMB-150 10,000/- DETAILS