2017 - 18 IEEE Projects

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SI NO Project Title Code Amount Details
1 When to Make a Topic Popular Again? A Temporal Model for Topic Re-hotting Prediction in Online Social Networks CCP-100 10,000/- DETAILS
2 FastGeo: Efficient Geometric Range Queries on Encrypted Spatial Data CCP-102 10,000/- DETAILS
3 Fuzzy Identity-Based Data Integrity Auditing for Reliable Cloud Storage Systems CCP-103 10,000/- DETAILS
4 Transactional Behavior Verification in Business Process as a Service Configuration CCP-104 10,000/- DETAILS
5 Efficient and Privacy-preserving Min and k-th Min Computations in Mobile Sensing Systems CCP-105 10,000/- DETAILS
6 My Privacy My Decision: Control of Photo Sharing on Online Social Networks CCP-106 10,000/- DETAILS
7 SADI: A Novel Model to Study the Propagation of Social Worms in Hierarchical Networks CCP-107 10,000/- DETAILS
8 An Overlay Architecture for Throughput Optimal Multipath Routing CCP-108 10,000/- DETAILS
9 Face Change: Attaining Neighbor Node Anonymity in Mobile Opportunistic Social Networks With Fine-Grained Control CCP-109 10,000/- DETAILS
10 Network Capability in Localizing Node Failures via End-to-End Path Measurements CCP-110 10,000/- DETAILS
11 Privacy and Integrity Preserving Top-k Query Processing for Two-Tiered Sensor Network CCP-111 10,000/- DETAILS
12 Routing in Accumulative Multi-Hop Networks CCP-112 10,000/- DETAILS
13 SWEET: Serving the Web by Exploiting Email Tunnels CCP-113 10,000/- DETAILS
14 A Credibility Analysis System for Assessing Information on Twitter CCP-114 10,000/- DETAILS
15 Privacy-Preserving Selective Aggregation of Online User Behavior Data CCP-115 10,000/- DETAILS
16 Pro Guard: Detecting Malicious Accounts in Social-Network-Based Online Promotions CCP-116 10,000/- DETAILS
17 Search Rank Fraud and Malware Detection in Google Play CCP-117 10,000/- DETAILS
18 Towards Detecting Compromised Accounts on Social Networks 10,000/- DETAILS
19 Collaborative Filtering Service Recommendation Based on a Novel Similarity Computation Method CCP-119 10,000/- DETAILS
20 E2HRC: An Energy-Efficient Heterogeneous Ring Clustering Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks CCP-120 10,000/- DETAILS
21 Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithm for Multi-Hop Wireless Sensor Network Using Type-2 Fuzzy Logic CCP-121 10,000/- DETAILS
22 Energy Efficient Multipath Routing Protocol for Mobile ad-hoc Network Using the Fitness Function CCP-122 10,000/- DETAILS
23 Lightweight Three-factor Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol for Internet-integrated Wireless Sensor Networks CCP-123 10,000/- DETAILS
24 Research on Trust Sensing based Secure Routing Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Network CCP-124 10,000/- DETAILS
25 Traffic Decorrelation Techniques for Countering a Global Eavesdropper in WSNs CCP-125 10,000/- DETAILS
26 Cooperative Query Answer Authentication Scheme over Anonymous Sensing Data CCP-126 10,000/- DETAILS
27 Flexible Wildcard Searchable Encryption System CCP-127 10,000/- DETAILS
28 Fast Phrase Search for Encrypted Cloud Storage CCP-128 10,000/- DETAILS
29 Customer-Satisfaction-Aware Optimal Multi server Configuration for Profit Maximization in Cloud Computing CCP-129 10,000/- DETAILS
30 Assessing Invariant Mining Techniques for Cloud-based Utility Computing Systems CCP-130 10,000/- DETAILS
31 Achieving secure, universal, and fine-grained query results verification for secure search scheme over encrypted cloud data CCP-131 10,000/- DETAILS
32 Achieving Efficient and Secure Data Acquisition for Cloud-supported Internet of Things in Smart Grid CCP-132 10,000/- DETAILS
33 A New Service Mechanism for Profit Optimizations of a Cloud Provider and Its Users CCP-133 10,000/- DETAILS
34 Resource renting for periodical cloud workflow applications CCP-134 10,000/- DETAILS
35 Temporal Task Scheduling With Constrained Service Delay for Profit Maximization in Hybrid Clouds CCP-135 10,000/- DETAILS
36 A Modified Hierarchical Attribute-Based Encryption Access Control Method for Mobile Cloud Computing CCP-136 10,000/- DETAILS
37 Efficient and Expressive Keyword Search Over Encrypted Data in Cloud CCP-137 10,000/- DETAILS
38 Fast Phrase Search for Encrypted Cloud Storage CCP-138 10,000/- DETAILS
39 Identity-Based Encryption with Cloud Revocation Authority and Its Applications CCP-139 10,000/- DETAILS
40 Privacy Preserving Multi keyword Similarity Search Over Outsourced Cloud Data CCP-140 10,000/- DETAILS
41 Secure Data Sharing in Cloud Computing Using Revocable-Storage Identity-Based Encryption CCP-141 10,000/- DETAILS
42 Catch You if You Misbehave: Ranked Keyword Search Results Verification in Cloud Computing CCP-142 10,000/- DETAILS
43 Dynamic-Hash-Table Based Public Auditing for Secure Cloud Storage CCP-143 10,000/- DETAILS
44 Enabling Semantic Search based on Conceptual Graphs over Encrypted Outsourced Data CCP-144 10,000/- DETAILS
45 Graph Encryption for Top-K Nearest Keyword Search Queries on Cloud CCP-145 10,000/- DETAILS
46 Keyword Search with Access Control over Encrypted Cloud Data CCP-146 10,000/- DETAILS
47 Privacy-Preserving Multi-keyword Top-k Similarity Search Over Encrypted Data CCP-147 10,000/- DETAILS
48 Privacy-Preserving Smart Semantic Search Based on Conceptual Graphs Over Encrypted Outsourced Data CCP-148 10,000/- DETAILS
49 SeDaSC: Secure Data Sharing in Clouds CCP-149 10,000/- DETAILS
50 Strong Key-Exposure Resilient Auditing for Secure Cloud Storage CCP-150 10,000/- DETAILS